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I have severe anxiety but nobody tries to understand me and keep finding faults in me in my family .I feel very lonely and helpless like i don’t have anybody there for me. Even picking calls make me anxious so i have become distant with my friends.I really don’t wanna exist, it’s too suffocating.I don’t know how to keep going

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I know exactly how you feel bro. You feel like the control of life is going out of your hands and you can do nothing about it. But do you know what you are missing in this? The word which we often use is “feel” and the solution is also in this. You feel means your brain is trying to tell you something is not okay even though it may not be that bad. So all you have to do is just be aware of it nothing else. You feel anxious but you are aware you are feeling anxious and the reality has nothing to do with how you feel. As simple as that. That’s why people meditate so they realise that all this bullshit is created in the brain and at this time you shouldn’t listen to your brain.
I can tell you that you just do one thing which you want to do at any cost. It can be ordering your favourite food or playing a game or even listening to your favourite music. Try such thing once a day. Once your brain gets the idea that atleast something is happening your way you would not even remember what reason you were anxious for.


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