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I have searched today “sites where I can share my feelings”, yet I found this. It has been a horrible and hard year for all of us. We have experienced Covid, Typhoons (in some countries), and personal problems. Here, I wanted to share my problems with you. You know, maybe i’ll feel lighter. A few days ago, my dog died. He had sickness that runs in his family. I’m so devastated and disappointed about myself for letting him down and not treating him right. Then, last night, I started sneezing and coughing. Now, I feel like I’m giving up. In addition to all those headaches and stressful situations, my other dog got sick. In my head, I don’t wanna die but I dont wanna live like this. Yet, I remembered God has a plan. This may all be hard and lifeless, but, we have hope. GOD IS OUR HOPE. HE IS MAKING THESE PROBLEMS BECAUSE HE KNOWS WE CAN OVERCOME THEM. AMEN. I LOVE THE LOrD AND HE LOVES YOU ALL.

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Amen to that. I will and am inspired.

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Simran @st1199

I am sorry for your dog. You tried your best. It was his genes maybe which led to his death.
Your other dog will get better soon. Please take care of yourself and drink warm water, do gargle, steam, take immunity booster tablets, drink kadha. All these things will help you fight back.

You are right that God has a plan. What we do in a situation depends on us and the end result depends on him. So, we need to do our best and leave the rest.

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Never give up @ava

Love you too, May Allah bless you.Ameen


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