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I have realised,
That making people happy doesn’t help to grow up a relationship. Through out my whole life i have just tried being with people when they are lonely and make them smile and made them feel good about themselves whether it’s 12 midnight or 12 noon, I have always tried being with people and make them happy
But when I look upto myself right now I think i have no one to talk to it’s not that I don’t have friends it’s that I am not comfortable sharing things with people easily,and people don’t often care to much to ask, I do feel like a loser while telling my stories or my problems to someone else. And often people don’t care about it the way I do

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Mr. Anonymous @mranonymous

I know what it feels like to be a loser for no one gives a shit to what your story is. But that doesn’t mean you’re not important. If ever in your life you’ve made someone happy, I guarantee you’ll be at peace with yourself and you’re awesome for these deeds which don’t necessarily need a validation. I pray you get more of whatever makes you happy.


I always feel i give more to people who dont deserve it. without expecting anything in return. Somewhere it is wrong, but it is who i am and i cant change


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