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I have problems in my family. My father is short tempered, I don’t want to say he is bad, He brings food on the table, But because of his short temper, He does domestic violence on my mother.No matter what she does, He always see the bad in her. My sister went through a very serious surgery, and my father is the one who takes her to different hospitals as well. I believe due to this, and stress of money, my father is always short tempered. But all this abuse, arguments, violence is having a mental torture on me. I’m in my third year and looking for internships and getting rejected there as well. all these problems at home, my father, my sister, is making me stress. The fact that I don’t earn is eating me alive. The only strong person I know is my mother, after all this she is still keeping the family together. I know this is going to keep happening for some years, I just want to earn as soon as possible so I can provide for my family and my father doesn’t have to stress about money. Please give me some advice how do I stay strong and support my family, my father and mother.

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Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...


Thing is that try to understand your problem… what is going wrong in your interviews… Then slowly work on them … It won’t do you much good by thinking but it will do you good by doing… Try to bring the you want


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