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I have perverted thoughts.
I am addicted to Incest Porn.
I used to do Roleplays with Incest themes.
I guess I am trying to avoid feeling lonely.
I know it sounds sick but I am trying to get out of it.

2 days clean now.

Post anonymously?

Shift your focus from this to your hobbies passion …or things you really wanted to do …do it intentionally and soon you wil out of it …try it out …it works


It doesn’t sound sick at all. It’s actually great that gathered the courage to accept it and also speak about it. What’s left is just to see do you really wanna work on feeling lonely excluding porn or just let it be staying in your comfort zone. If you decide on to the first. There are ways like. Talk to your friends. Write it out. Explore yourself so you really wouldn’t have any time feeling lonely. I’ve been doing this and trust me it works. I hope My words helped you in some way. Have a great day ahead.