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I have overcome feeling heavyhearted, Thanks to now and me .But I couldn’t overcome laziness and could not focus on one thing at a time.I am forcing myself to be out of laziness I don’t understand but I just want to sit idle with out people around me the entire day .The online classes and assessment makes me to forced attentiveness but not fully alive and open to all gateways of life

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well it can be because you are an introvert like me but it is okay to be little lazy and to be out of being lazy try doing activities that make you active cleaning the house , doing chores , some indoor sports etc which is not easy but still something like that could help you.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Hey, I guess 2020 has made us all a little lazy.To overcome that,I’d suggest make a list a goals and according to that set a time table, get organized, plan things out.Also take out sometime and spend it in nature. Do things you love!


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