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I have one friend who has alopecia and sometimes i feel that i am really unable to connect with her I don’t know how to comfort her. I know it’s a huge part of her life but sometimes i just lack and I really wanna be with her but how??

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Hello! I am so touched that you care enough about her to ask this question here and that you want to connect with her and be there for her. Your intentions are so pure and they would definitely reflect in your words
These are the few things I’ll suggest to you:
1) Don’t touch her hair, she will not like it as it will mess it up and maybe her bald patches start to show.
2) She wouldn’t like to go for a swim or places with high wind (probably)
3) Don’t make her feel like it’s a big deal, honestly. I’m sure she has accepted it to be a part of her life if she has it since a long time.
4) Just tell her how proud you are of her for being so strong and positive all the time even if she’s going through alopecia. it could’ve brought her down but it didn’t Appreciate her for it, make her feel empowered!❤


Hey thankyou for all these advise i will surely keep in mind but please can you be more specific with what words should i tell her?? Idk i feel i might trigger some bad memories for her.


You’re most welcome. Don’t comment about her fewer eyebrows if they’re light.
You can just simply mention to her that she is one of the strongest people you know (without making it a big deal) - casually say it to her in the middle of a conversation. Whenever you think she is feeling insecure, just say some reassuring words about how nice her skin is looking etc.
Also, don’t worry so much. It’s alright. Even if you use any trigger words, I’m sure she’ll know that you’re coming from a good place.


Thankyou so much!!! :)))