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I have often seen how the world is full of stereotypes about teenagers like “its so tough to handle a teenager” and “i have to handle 3 teenagers at home” in the sense like “handling” teenagers is one hell of a task. But hear me out on this one, as a teenager:
Teenage years are where most developement takes place for the individual. We go through mental, physical and hormonal changes during teenage years. Most of us experience our first love during teenage years. We have to decide our career paths during these years. We have to keep up with all the changes occuring in our body, most of which we do not like. We hit puberty during this time. We come to know the real face of the world. Some of us even lose our virginity during this time. First and mostly hurtful breakups, trust issues, and fights with close ones,all happens during this time. And too add that our brilliant teenage minds. Only we know whats actually going on in our minds. One place we want to establish our position in the world but in he other we just want to let go of the pressure and run away. Theres so much that goes on in our minds and all at once.
Thats why not you, and not the world will ever understand us.
“The world doesn’t handle Teenagers. Teenagers handle the world.”

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oh my god, wow! This is such a wonderful thought. I wish more people understood this. You’re absolutely right about the fact that so much goes on at once in a teenager’s life!

ryan @ryan0007

It’s very true what you are experiencing. In my opinion, you need to set priorities in your life in terms of your feelings. This is the hardest part of learning how to take decisions. Once your priority is set, you don’t have that you can act freely. Career should be 1st priority in my view, how you shape your career that on you . It will help you in your life in many ways. One thought just to add, what we experience is a mix and match of different feelings. Something less or more.
Wish you a good time ahead



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