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I have no one to talk to here in our house. What should I do? I am starting to get crazy here. Talking to myself because I have no one to talk to.

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Hi same here, if you want we can talk each other to released our depresion


My cousin is about of 29 years old you know and she knows that I am the one who cleans the house. And and adult should be matured right? She’s an adult so she knows what is the right yhing to do. My cousin after eating throws her plastic wrapper from a candy she ate at the floor. I just couldn’t get myself to confront her. She’s always having problems with love life. And should a woman be having different kinds of boyfriends. You know I am particularly judging her because she got on my bad side and I fucking hate it. And not just her you know my other cousins always pissed me off when it comes to house. They know that I am the one who’s job is to close the windows and doors but they always leave hanging the windows open after opening it. And mostly, every night they always staying in our living room and I can’t get to sleep because I still have to wait for them to leave because I have to close the door. And of course I am a human I get pissed off too. I make them leave in my own way. Closing the lights so that they just can leave but they are persistent. Why? Because they are hiding from their parents that they have boyfriends and I don’t have a problem with that but they always likes to hang out in the living room. And most of the time, when they are not talking to their bf they always talk to their love problems in the living room again. Damn it. I just want to sleep early and get up early but they always makes me sleep late at night. So when every morning came I always got scolded for waking up late. They are all girls actually. It is like mostly they are just using boys to be their experience when they said I am still single all my life and I should just get a bf to live my life with but I have to live my life you know and I told why would I get one if I don’t even love him and they said to me you know just for an experience. Damn.


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