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i have no idea what to do in my future

i have been planning a move across the country with my boyfriend of 1.25 years (not necessarily moving as a couple but because we both like the region in which we want to move) and some friends for september, but now i’m unsure if i can find a job in my field when i get there (i’ve been applying to jobs like crazy in the region and haven’t heard anything back) and i’m worried about certain logistics of moving there. sometimes i’m super excited about it, other times i’m not so sure.

on top of this, i was just accepted to teach english in france for 7 months starting in october (i studied abroad there and have always wanted to return) but i am extremely anxious over covid and am worried that if i go to france i will not have the experience i have always dreamt of due to covid restrictions (not being able to travel in between countries/being quarantined alone in france) or my family getting sick and me being abroad. also my bf and i would have to break up if i did this, and i would be bailing on our semi-official plans to move together, which is something that i’m having a hard time coping with.

i feel so lucky to have these decisions to make, but i am also feeling lost. covid has caused me to put my entire life on pause and i honestly don’t know which path i should take - move to france for 7 months to teach english or move across the country to pursue my field of interest?

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Pursue your field of interest!!!
You never know what life has planned for you. If you succeed then you will have the life and experience you are chasing for. I can feel in your post that how much you want this moving abroad thing.

If you fail then you can get a job in your own place. But you will not have any regrets. You will not have any ifs and then. β€œif i have gone with him, then my life would be different” thoughts like that.

Try to talk with your family and friends about your confusion. There response can help to be more assured about your decision.

Good luck…


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