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I have no friends i lost my 8 years relationship where i was really desperate to marry him i tried to convince him alot but he left me and i am not at all career oriented and I don’t know what interest me i have no idea even why i am existing i am now all alone feeling broken worthless useless depressed heartbroke why god this to me only I don’t even have any talent no guy likes to dm me where should i go what should i do i need to die i feel like dieing

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A fellow person with the same feeling as yours. I can sense what you are talking about. You will be surprised to know that right now, I am also going through something similar. My girlfriend is cheating with me for the third time and I really love her. But remember that if your partner does not want to be with you, it is difficult to make them stay and understand. Do not feel burdened, the feeling of dying will be gone soon. To avoid that vaccum space that comes after, try to talk to yourself. That you gave him something and even though he did not take it, it still is yours. You will find someone who will listen, who will love. Because an act of love and loyalty will always be rewarded.


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