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I have
No friend
No love
No job
No money
Nobody respects me
My life sucks 🥲

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🧸🎀 @toxichousehold2

To get friends you have to befriend yourself first, you have to find yourself, your personality and be positive no one likes negative energy. The best way to find love is to find a best friend, being in a relationship with someone that knows you better than anyone else is better than sharing your time with someone you don’t know and that’ll bring a lot conflicts after. If you want to gain respect you have to set boundaries and respect yourself first, you have to be arrogant and always put yourself first, it will result to a lot of disagreements and that’s what you call respect, when people get mad cuz you didn’t let them act and talk for you, always prioritize you in every situation.


So beautifully written and very meaningful
, I wish and pray that I get enough courage to adapt to the things you have quoted. Thank you


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