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aeri jung @chwerries

i have never been so confused. I thought I got porn out of my system, but one little photo got me spiraling down. I don’t know what to do. I’ve sinned against God again.

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kuljeet punia @kul07

What’s the problem? Are you addicted to it too much?

aeri jung @chwerries

I don’t think so. I used to do it everytime I was stressed. I did my best to stop because it was a sin. But today, I somehow just gave in to my urges and I can’t help but feel anger and frustration towards myself

Mj @mj07

Calm down buddy and relax a little bit … Its ok if you fapped… It doesn’t mean you should curse yourself for it. Just don’t keep a count and get back to nofap routine. And self pleasure once in a while is not bad at all.

Anirudh @lazymudbender

See. I don’t know what triggered you to think this way, and i don’t know how old you are. Well, watching porn is absolutely fine, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your daily chores, or is an addiction.
When guys/girls hit puberty, their body becomes ready for sexual intimacy, which might trigger a lot of sexual thoughts, which is absolutely normal and humane. Porn has affected a lot of people’s lives. (I have been watching porn for almost 10 years). Porn isn’t necessarily about sex, but it’s more of a stress buster for people. So if you’re thinking that it’s happening only to you, don’t worry, you got company :)

Anirudh @lazymudbender

We go through a lot of stress and a sizable number of young adults have zero sex-ed, and porn opens the floodgates for our sexual knowledge and stress busting lifestyle.
Sadly, porn has been the sex-ed for most of the people, which is something concerning, but trust me, you’ll get through this. Don’t force yourself to get out of porn. It’ll happen. Take some time. Develop some goals(like, from 4 times a week, to twice a week, and once in a week, with a sizable gap in between those time periods, according to your preference). It’s just one step at a time. After some point of time, watching porn will just be a choice, and completely under your control. Don’t punish yourself for this. This is natural and normal. Socialize. And trust yourself. You’ll be fine :)

Anirudh @lazymudbender

FYKI, watching porn is not a sin. So get those thoughts out of your mind :)

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constance @constance

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