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Sharath G @sharath3012

I have never been in a relationship my entire life . I never accepted proposals too … But i always dreamt of loving someone and going to famous spots together but when it comes to relationship I can’t feel connected to any girl … I have friend who are girls but can’t see them as partners. I find girls attractive but that ain’t love. So my question is being in a relationship exhausted u all my friends say so… But i believe being in love was awesome… Ur comments on those please

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Aditya Lavate @aditya1306


Yeah being in love is awesome
But if u r dating the right person
Some relationships dont work
And they breakup after years the onr who brokeup moveson in a month or even a week but leaves a scar on the other person for a very long time which they dont care about once they leave so being in relationship have its own pros and cons


Damn you just spoke what I’ve been feeling this far. 🥺😳


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