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gift rivers @rivergift

I have never been in a relationship before. My co workers are curious about me but I just tell them I’m single and focused on myself. They will make fun of me if they find out. They will lose all respect for me.

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gift rivers @rivergift

I agree. It’s just when some people find out they think something is wrong with you. I know I’m just focusing on myself before I can get in a relationship.

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IDK @nile_2112

I have been in several relationships, and my last relationship ended after 4 years as she lost feelings for me…now i am regretting that i wasted my 4 years on someone who doesn’t worth it …so it’s not that important being single is a blessing until you really find someone who accept you as the way you are💕


it’s okay :) there’s nothing embarrassing about it. sometimes it takes time and that’s totally fine. your time will come and you will find the right person. it doesn’t matter when.


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