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Rebecca Olivia @rebeccaoli...

I have my first mock exam tomorrow morning and i have a mix of emotions right now

I’m stressed cause it’s my advanced English mock, and i cant remember any quotes for the comparison essay and im struggling to remember techniques for the textual analysis.

So i guess im stressed but i’m also calm just now. I know the calm wont last, (ironically), but im going to see if i can work up the courage to talk to a friend of mine before the exam to ease some of my nerves, he has that effect on me somehow

3 replies

You are going to ace it believe in yourself😄

Aakifah @kifah

Hey don’t stress too much about it
The more you stress and panic the easier it is for you to get confused
Try meditating and staying calm
Believe in yourself
You got this
Whatever Happens will happen
Just go with the flow
You can do this

Pushker @prgupta

Rebecca read ur text two or three times and this way u get solutions


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