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I have masturbated too much for years
Now, my testosterone produce watery semen in very less quantity. I am feeling weakness and unfocused on studies. My age 25
What to do?

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First of all, you do need to consult a doctor about your condition. You did not write if you are still masturbating on any kind of regular routine. There is a popular challenge around the internet called NoFap Challenge. And surprisingly, that is quite helpful. You need to stop masturbating if you want to improve your sperm fertility count. Also stopping masturbating helps in erectile dysfunction scenarios.

I know it is really difficult to not sexually think about a porn star, or a model or a beautiful woman. To stop masturbating you need to stop creating any kind of sexual scenarios in your mind. If you have any past sexual experience, try not to delve into them much. Stay in the present. Remember nothing can bring back your fertility if you can not stop masturbating.

Take a calendar and mark the day from which you will stop masturbating. Set up a target like 1 week, then increase it. If you have any kind of hobby like gardening, reading etc, focus on them. If you don’t, then try to help out as much as possible at your home. Try to look at a girl’s face, her eyes in stead of looking at her boobs or her ass. Try to think about love and harmony in stead of having sex. Exercise as much as you can. Swimming, cycling, running - these basic exercises help a lot.

Remember, we are human beings after all. So, there will be time when you will break your vow and masturbate. It’s normal. But don’t feel despair. Count how many days you did not do it. Then try to set your next goal more than the previous days. I hope you can regain your health back.

Hope you can find the strength to win yourself back.


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