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I have loss everyone …because I was not attending their call for some reasons.
Today was my budday no one wished me …I don’t know … why …only one friend sakshi called me but I didn’t attend call. I texted her thankyou. …… I don’t want to have any grudges …
I miss my old days.
Should I phone call her tomorrow and sort out everything.
That frnd and I get misunderstood indirectly for conversation.actually I met her 3 years ago to see her as she lost her brother due to tumour.when I went with other 2 girl so she started braging things (in school she also used to say like that) and indirectly behaving and camparing talking about family member may be she wasn’t in her senses…I don’t know I started braging things which I regret …right now …
Everything is sorted already but still u know girls kept it in their heart …
What to do .?? Should I talked to her

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Listen friend, girls hide many things in their heart and never let it out. Girls are usually care by nature so don’t misjudge that. Also, you should talk to her and accurately, cry in front of her, so if she would be having some extreme emotions, they will get released by her. I wish you good luck 😊.


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