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I have like zero friends. I honestly just feel like a loser like everyone else I know is hanging out and doing all these things while I’m just sitting in my room. I’m ALWAYS jealous of other people and all the time I wish I could be someone else. y’know there are always mean people around and sometimes I feel like I’m a mean person. sometimes I feel like I unintentionally hurt people’s feelings. or like I act annoyingly. I just feel like that weird rude person who no one really likes. I just hate the way that other people see me.

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Su @su1233

Hey!! They say the world is a mirror. You are not jealous of others or you don’t hate the way they’re looking at you, you just haven’t figured yourself / your energy out to pick on the right kind of people who belong in your life. You’re stopping all the good energy thats there by being jealous because that’s the way you started seeing the world. This is absolutely not your fault at all. Jealously is generally ingrained by someone else or bad company so it’s not your nature whatsoever and of you need help with this and wanna talk, I’m there to get you out of this loop! :D

Ayush Mishra @mishraayush

have an idol thats the best solution. even i don’t have much friends in my hostel then i just switch to things related to SRK and i am tranferred to his world which i crrated where i admire him praise him or just stare him thats it. it leaves me with a smile and for that period i am the happiest. try doing this


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