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I have less than half a year to make a decision about what I want to study in college. My issue is that I feel like I’m not genuinely passionate about a specific area. I’ve tried researching a million careers but I’m starting to feel completely overwhelmed by all the options. It’s so frustrating to read about all these great careers and still feel like I’m not meant for any of them.

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Anandi @anandi09

I was once at your position too. Though it is too early to decide what you want to pursue lifelong, sadly, we do not have an option. I’d suggest, choose a field which you like and think you can possibly do better in it. Gradually, you can branch out. For me, I knew I liked to write and play around with words. I am majoring in Journalism and plan to branch out to communications. You can start by choosing a huge field and then gradually discovering what is meant for you.


Heyyy trust me when I say this that you still have a lot of timeee. When i talk about me I wasn’t even sure until my results came. And when you say that you’re not passionate about anything in particular it’s good because I used to feel the same but them we have a clean slate right? You can mould yourself into anything which is really good if you think that way. So focus on your studies i am sure there must be people out there who have all of their life planned out but it’s different for everyone and you have to take it day by day. So yessss don’t be stressed by the competitive many people may seem intimidated but in reality they are as hopeless as you.

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Dhaaranee.k @dhaaranee

Hey, all of us will under go such situation in our life. Hence once you know your area of passion a d your confident about it . Move on fearlessly, you will achive great things😊.
All the best.


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