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ramez ragab @ramez2001

I have insomnia which made me can’t sleep but also don’t have the energy to finish anything… cuz I have a lot of bad and shitty thoughts that make me can’t sleep at night and sometimes make me cry… always feel like I want to get my brain out of my skull and throw it away, those exhausting feelings making me sick of that feeling, and sick of myself.

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Try to take a 1 week break from whatever you are doing, In this period enjoy with your friends or family.
If you get any other thoughts go for a long walk in evening with any IRL friend [ Since he/she is friend will sure help you with your difficulties and will come with you ]
Also try reading books at night it can be of any like from motivating to fantasy.
Enjoying whole day and going for a long walk will make you tired and reading at night will help you to evolve new thoughts about the story or novel you are reading. Try this 3-4 days if this works try this once or twice a week it will really help you :).
[ Avoid screen during your break time, only use it for listening music if you want to]


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