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I have having a long night conservations with my crush . The thing is she been my crush for past 11 years . We both are mangalik , I love her soo much my one sided feelings are growing everyday. But she dont like to be in relation. we Both are of same nature. We will be in long distance in coming days and i want to kill my all feelings for her. I dnt want to be hurt and i have no feelings for others girls, i tried to talk with many girls but after sometime my heart doesnt feel the same like when i talk to my crush and i totally lose interest on others girls. please guys guide me, everytime her pictures come to my mind am soo much obsessive for her. . .

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thanks for sharing
firstly calm down
relationships and such things are never easy may it be with our parents or significant others. also there’s no relationship that starts in a day and that ends in a day, its a gradual process and it takes time so you need to be a little patient with such things. also buddy know this thing that you can’t control actions of others, whatever your crush says that’s her decision and that might hurt you which is okay and natural. and if you do not feel okay maybe try to socialize a bit because talking to people helps and also you can try journaling or deep breathing or meditation etc. these activities will help you stay calm and manage your emotions a little better and also these will keep you busy for some time so that you can not think of your crush for some time.
i hope this helps
take care buddy


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