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I have had to play elder sister’s role since i was 4 years old. To be honest, i hated it. I still hate it. It’s like I’m only ex!st to work for them. My mom has never given me any time. She has never asked me if i am doing okay or not. My dad has never looked at me and touched me by saying I’m his daughter. I desperately want their attention, at least just for a day. I always feel lonely and sad with my own family. My mom was never there when i needed her. Even though i was feeling stressed or was going through a lot, there was no one to share it. Not even a good friend. I have told her that i want her to talk to me more, and she said stop being a baby. I hΓ’te living like this.

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I’d say you’re damn luckyπŸ€you see I’m a only child in the house so I always wanted to be a big brother or maybe I wanted a elder sibling my whole life was filled with loneliness, so if you have siblings then please be happy for it, not everyone gets lucky, have a great day


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