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I have great friends, a great family but I still feel depressed. I cut myself when I’m stressed and say to myself that I deserve it. I left my friend because she seemed so happy and I didn’t want to ruin it. She didn’t need me to be happy, I can just be replaced. I’ve thought numerous times of ending my life but I was too scared of what my family and friends would do after I’m gone, yet I’m tired of living.

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Always worry less and blame yourself less. No one is going to stand with/for you. But one person will always support you that’s you. So believe in yourself. You are the king of your life. Don’t feel inferior. Being alone and surviving alone is like a gift so use that opportunity to groom your future. When you realize that your own company is much better than other people’s you will rock in your life. It’s commonly said but it’s true… Suicide is not the solution for our problems. You are a born warrior. So, Take care dude.
Find the reason for your depression and solve it. Orelse you can distract yourself by doing your favorite works.


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