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Shubham @prinx

I have gave NEET exam for the 3rd time in 2021 and couldn’t clear it. I have lots of guilt and always depressed . My parents keep scolding me and keep comparing me to others and say they feel ashamed because of me. All these things are making my mental health worst I just want to forget everything and start again . I just feel traped for the last 3 years and want to get out of it and live my life . For the past 3 years I have been sitting at home took 2 drop years for this exam .I feel too lonely and feel lots of anxiety . I don’t know what to do . My thoughts keep haunting me and make me feel more guilty.

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I know it’s difficult time but your mental health is more important than anything first focus on your mental health take some time out for yourself go on a date with yourself go on walk and figure out you really want to this or you anything because when things are done in pressure it does not give results. Talk to your friends and write what going on your mind
Do you really want to do this or you are just doing for others first get clear
When you overthink write
When you under think read
It will help you start doing meditation
Focus on yourself

Shubham @prinx

That’s one of my problem . I have got no one to talk . I have no friends for the last 2 and half year since my 12th got over. I don’t have any college or any place where I go and have friends


If you want friend I will be your friend or you can make here more friends


Well you need to accept few things.
1. Neet is not for you.
2. You need to ignore your parents response and taunts for some time . (Let me tell you a secret- once you start earning money and can manage your own life, parents stop doing that comparison and stuff, and they actually start feeling proud of you)
3. Look at some other career option that you can probably do better at. Anything you can learn and monetise .
4. Above all, failure is not the end , and in your case it’s just a beginning and a big turning point. It gave you clear indication as to what is not meant for you . Use this as a motivation to get back at life, whichever field you like. It’s easier said than done . But know that everyone fails in their life at some point. There’s no person in history that has done something and never once failed in their life. You fall so that you can learn to pull yourself up. You don’t have to do it all in one go. Take one step at a time. (Give yourself a break, thoda ghum aao kahi pe 2-3 din , fir shaanti se baith ke socho as to what you wanna do)

rishab @hrishabh

It hurts when your own parents doesn’t support you and compare with other. When you are trying your best to not to disappoint your parents but at last they gets disappointed. Sitting in a room in front of the table with lot of negative thought , overthinking. Same type of situation…

Tagur Naik @tagur

Same situation here also

Shubham @prinx

Did you gave neet and if yes which attempt was it


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