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I have forgiven my family, but why am I still acting like a cold person to them all. Didn’t talk to them long and hang up most of the time telling them that I am busy with studying. Why am I like this? I thought I was free from the guilt of getting bad grades because I am doing good right now at school. The guilt of failing makes me distance myself from everyone in my family, but now I am free. Why am I still distancing myself from them and also knowing the fact that I am doing so? Just on Earth why when things are better now? Is it because I made small mistakes that might pull me back down? Why am I living like this?

Post anonymously?

Hey, I just wanted to say this because I, myself, am still on a journey about forgiving my family. And when I saw your post, I felt exactly what you’ve felt, belive me or not. Forgiving is something that takes time, you’ve forgiven them but this is a whole process which demands you to take your time to heal from the negative feelings you’ve felt against your family. It is just a beginning and you’re so brave to having taken one step to begin this journey. I understand how you feel about failure but just let yourself take a deep breath when you need. Even if you’re a perfectionist, making mistakes, failures are in our nature as humans and what make us successful at the end. So no matter how big or small mistakes they’re, don’t be harsh to yourself. Accept your mistake, try to do better and take a break and a deep breath, when you need.

Sometimes we need to take some little breaks when we’re on a long way to go. Because that’s the only way for us to move forward.

Also please don’t forget to be forgiving towards yourself, too. I hope I can help you to feel any better. I’m here if you wanna talk about it🌸💜


Thank you. Those words are sincere and comfort so I believe you.


Maybe because you are still hurt…


Possibly, you are right…