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shubhangi @browngirl2550

I have finally become Geet from jab we met at this stage I don’t feel bad if someone criticise me and I have finally learned how to let things go be happy and don’t have feelings of resentment or hatred against people because everyone has a different life story and struggles so it’s better then helping them rather than hating them that’s what we call humanity. And if I can help someone out I will feel amazing it’s the best feeling you made someone smile. So if you see someone who is posting late night status or story of being depressed ask them what happened rather than making fun of them that they are an attention seeker. Because we don’t talk mental health which is most important.

And reach out to people ask them on your own how are you feeling because you may make them feel better about themselves by just asking or caring even if you hate that person. And also love yourself see if you will love yourself you will love others because you won’t see any faults in others.😊😊💕💕

2 replies

hey, that’s something to celebrate!

shubhangi @browngirl2550

True 💕
I guess everyone needs a celebration after 5 months of coronavirus crisis

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