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I have fibromyalgia for 13 month now …al what I can say Is I take my health for granted and I neglect myself to help others…and it tought me that I wasn’t loving my self at all…medication helps but you still feel pain and the worst part for me is knowing it’s never go away.

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sorry to hear that that’s how you feel. But don’t blame yourself. It could happen to anybody. the good news is that the pain can go away too. As per “if people have had fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue for two years or under, the chance of the condition going away reaches 70 to 80 percent. If you’ve had it for eight years or longer, it’s much less likely that it’s going to go away. And I’m talking about it going away by itself.” So there is a chance for it to go away, why not think of best case scenario and just be prepared for worst case. There’s still time to love yourself and treat yourself right. It’s never too late  ❤️


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