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I have feeling so much shame and inferiority because of how i look. I am very very thin, weak and honestly i look at my body and i feel like a child. I have lost so much weight and overall health because of soe ongoing family issues that have caused me so much stress. I would really appreciate practical ways of coping with this. I cant afford going to a gym right now so anything that doesnt require spending too much.

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hi there,i can understand what you’re saying, it happens to me too from time to time. And usually external environment and stress play a huge role. I lose weight rapidly and according to friends and family I look too thin and child-like, the way you are describing. What has helped over the years, is to not worry so much about how I look but rather think about how I feel. That has a direct relation on my physical personality. Like, the way the face starts looking pale and colourless when we are sick, similarly exessive stress can do that to our body. And I have experienced that first hand. The only solution is to distance yourself from stressful situations; situations that can be avoided and that haven’t been created by you. Other than that, the thoughts that we feed ourselves also really matter. As clichéd as it may be, positive affirmations, and if not even positive, staying away from negative thoughts and people really helps. And a good 30 minute workout also really helps. Something basic. Like working every part of your body, starting with neck and head, with a few rotations and stretching. Then moving on to shoulders and and rotating those. Moving on to waist, side stretches. Then squats are good, for your bum and your legs. Taking a good walk is also a good idea, as it helps in breathing some fresh air specially if you have a very tight work schedule and don’t really get outdoors very much. Breathing exercises, surya namaskar are great ways to stay fit mentally and physically and can be done at home/ in the park/ literally anywherere .Hope this helped!


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