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I have fallen in love with my bestie in 10th grade.My classmates used to say that he also loves u I felt so happy .My feelings on him has increased day by day but I had never expressed my has been 5 years I still love him the way I used to(oneside).he hasn’t talked to me for 2 years and now he don’t even treats me as his bestie.If i call him he will talk nicely but he has never messaged me or called me its only from my side.Fewdays back i got to know that he has girlfriend and that just killing me deep inside.It’s hurting me a lot and I don’t know what to do💔😭.I just feel like I want him and nothing else. It’s very hard to accept the reality.I think so its too late…

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MsStickyNotes @mssticky

I hope you find someone nice… who deserves your love…

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thank you😇


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