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I have fallen in love with a boy who was my best friend and I remember those long night where I used to cry while giving him advices on how to get his crush to like him back, literally my pillows would be soaked up in the morning and what’s more amazing about the past me is that I could show that I was just fine while I was dying ?

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aww honeyyy :/// been thereeee :|||| but my mom always used to quote,the famous saying “If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.” and i swear it’s true … i loved my best friend selflessly for 10 years, didn’t matter if he was with me or her, and i had given up the thought of something ever happening between us 2, but i guess this crazy spooky quote is true ???1?? because it’s been 5 years now since were togehter and we’e as happy as could be. my advice would only be to love selflessly, regardless of whether it happens or not, i know it hurts but ultimately you want them to be happy, whether they’re w you or w some1 else, isn’t that true love ?


Hey, I feel that this is the story for so many of us. It gets so hard to distinguish if we’re just best friends or is there something more. We start thinking that the person is our “potential” someone. Someone we COULD date. These expectations lead to the feeling of hurt. If he is your best friend, I’m sure he understands you well and if this is bothering you to a level which is not bearable, do have a word with him about it. Don’t be scared that it’ll affect your friendship because I’m sure he wants you in his life as much as you want him.
Take care x



Mr.psychologist @mrpsychologist

Jo kisi ka hkney jaa raha hai …agar koshish karo toh wo tunhaara bhi ho sakta hai…

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey. I know so many of us feel this pain. Where we actually can’t tell the person about our feelings and end hurting ourselves only. But i feel we should at least confess once to the person about the feelings so thag in future we don’t have any guilt inside.


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