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Krishna @batman__1420

I have failed neet 2022…i wont get even passing marks…i dont think that i can crack neet in next year too…can anyone suggest me some career options for future…Plz help

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Veddiex @veddiex

Where do you wanna see yourself in upcoming future is gonna answer it all

Krishna @batman__1420

U see i really dont have any dream career that i want to pursue…i took neet exam on the basis that i love biology…but i seem to be failing in that too…


Are you really want to crack neet? Is this ur dream? Ask this question to ur self. If yes, then try one more year and do ur best.

Krishna @batman__1420

I dont want give one more year to neet…i think that i wont be able to crack it honestly…thats why i am looking for another way to move forward

Veddiex @veddiex

Take your time mate!
Once you Kno that a certain thing is what you wanna persue and you’re really sure that it is what you actually wanna do rather than you doing good or u liking a perticular subject… think again, ask yourself what exactly do you want from your life… I’m sure you’ll get an answer, and do not lose hope buddy! Failure is just a part of success.
Think clearly and something that’s gonna bring happiness in your life✨
That said… I’m here in case u wanna talk about anything… I’m all ears

Krishna @batman__1420

I really had a spot for photography but never gave it a thought…i think my family too wont support it…so i am currently struggling in science field for my future

Veddiex @veddiex

Photography huh? Sounds good to me… Ah well yeah, parents won’t support u until you prove that you’ve got the nerve to succeed in it… but well… U can make it your hobby too! Do not give up on your hobbies… Who knows maybe you’ll excel in this field… But yeah… U should try other things too! Think wisely and choose accordingly… Science is a nice field if ya ask me… You can try for others too as there are lots …

anonymous:) @smilingg23

You can choose pharmacist

Kuldeep Pathak @kuldeep21

Bio se hii kuch krna hai then
You can go for B.pharma or apply for B.Sc in fields you like and decide in your graduation which field you wanna join
Like army,higher studies,govt jobs,banking sector etc etc
You will have a platform for your career

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Gahan K B @gahank421

If you really like biology, then go for degree in Life Sciences (Biotechnology/Zoology/Botany/microbiology etc). There, your passion will drive you further in this field. You could work as a researcher or for a life science company.
Even I tried neet but didn’t get MBBS, so I’m pursuing bachelor’s of science in Biotechnology now.

Hearty @hearty

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