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I have decided that there are some things that are not great right now, but that I don’t feel like working on them for the time being.
I have gained weight, and yes I want to loose it again, most importantly, I want to feel healthy, but right now I don’t want to… I don’t want to wake up and feel like I have to work on my body and weight. I want to be me with the body I have. I want to buy a larger pair of pants, and wear my crop tops, and accept that right now I am fat, and that is fine. Fat is just a descriptor, is not a personality, its not who I am, it is just a way to describe my body. And yes, I will stop the weight gain… but honestly, I just want to be unapologetically for the way I look. I am so much more than that. And yes, I will eventually decide to loose the weight and go back to the fit woman I used to be, but right now… I decide to be and look this way, and it is fine.


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I too have gained a little weight though not much that it may affect my health. I am comfortable in my body but the problem is that everyone keeps commenting on it which do not like at all. My mind goes like stfu, I am comfortable so stop commenting on it. Why do my weight has to be the first thing you all comment on. Society is hypocrite. They all be cool on social media but in real life, they be making you uncomfortable.


Praise!! And, why is it still an “insult” to have gained weight?? WE ARE HUMANS. We gain and loose weight, and as long as we are healthy and comfortable in our skin, it is way better to “be a little bit overweight”, than skinny and hating the way you look. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you should change the way you look. And always remember Cardi B: why would I care if people don’t like me?? those b***s barely like themselves??


You are beautiful, as you are. 💞