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just_me_express... @not_a_loved_one

I have crush on my friend for 2 years … sometimes I think about to confess to him …but I back out every time because I don’t want to loose such a great friendship…and recently I came out of a toxic friendship… I don’t know what to do…

anyone can help?

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Hope @cureplace

better recover fully then to hurry up for new relationship because past might affect you and ruin it all

Atheena @meow25

I think you should follow your heart if you truly love him say then if he says no just accept it and move on… FriendsHIP dose not come easy i know but moral support is much more needed for you now so i am saying GO FOR IT 👍👍👍

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FaLlen Soul @fallensoulll

give it a shot , 😇


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