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I have been trying to make money via stock exchanges. Every time I try, I fail, still My concious mind says not in indulge into it. But each time, I just fall for it. This lockdown unleashed my addiction again and I am again, a loser. Everyday I make my mind as wont do intraday but still cant help. I tried mediation and being busy, but it doesnt help. Any suggestions ?

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Well, thats because your mind is settled there and you are kind of looking for reinforcement, even when you are not getting any sort of gain yet.
Stop thinking about it and how about start making a good plan for yourself and start saving money.
Every-time you plan to lets say spend 100 on stock market, save them on side somewhere.
Stock-exchanges are not made for everyone and also, it has a lots of risk factors and if at this point, its frustrating for you. You need to stop it here for your betterment.


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