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I have been through so much in my life
which has given me PTSD and that messed me up bad.
I have anxiety , depression and overthinking its so hard for me to live in constant fear and anxiety not being to enjoy my life , always pretending .
But the worst thing is no one really cares , no one really try to understand even though they know what I have been through I could’ve used some help , some affection but even my family didn’t try to understand or help me they had done nothing but blame me for the way I’m acting.
My friends didn’t even ask me if I’m okay they just assumed I’m okay.
So I had to work through it alone.
Even though everyone is here I feel so alone,
even though they say they Love me I don’t know what to feel
I have a boyfriend who finally understands me and supports me but because of my messed up life I cant help but overthink everything
I need it to stop
I just want to be at peace
I just want to be happy
and stop overthinking and I don’t want to be anxious all the time

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I know it’s hard but since u have ur boyfriend, try to share ur feelings with ur boyfriend… people overthink sometimes I do too… When u feel like overthinking share that with ur boyfriend and ask him if u r overthinking or not is it common… Sharing is always the key…


thank you 🤗

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Shruti Nambiar @introvertn...

I literally felt someone was telling my story. 🌼 Hang in there


I am so sorry you have to go through that alone
take care you too


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