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anvesha53 @anvesha53

I have been super irritated with my parents in law for the past month. I live as a joint family with them and I have been taking care of them for the past 8 years. But for them, the most important person is their daughter and no else. How do I Remove her interference from my family affairs?

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Hi, hope you are well. I can understand how annoying it sometimes gets when you get unsolicited advice or interference from a person who doesn’t really has a say in your personal matters. My advise is to discuss such things with your husband privately and calmly make him understand your concerns and find a solution to it together.
Having said that, I also feel you shouldn’t burden yourself with the thought of your sil being more or even most important to your in laws. You are not taking care of them to be your in laws favourite or to make your sil look incompetent. You are taking care of them ‘cause you are a good person, and to expect anything out of it except some respect as you are a family member too, is needless. You do you babe, do what makes you happy and dont let someone else hinder with your peace.
Hope it really helps

anvesha53 @anvesha53

Thank you for explaining so nicely. I understand everything but when it comes to his sister, my husband is also blindsided. It’s not that he doesn’t listen to me but I feel he doesn’t take the action needed.

Yes you are right though, it doesn’t matter and I should do what I want.

anvesha53 @anvesha53

However, I still feel that there should be some way to reduce interference without offending anyone. Any suggestions?

anvesha53 @anvesha53

Yes that’s a way… I will add that to my list

anvesha53 @anvesha53

Yes. That I have already started. 😊

anvesha53 @anvesha53

Thank you 🙏

I was wondering if anyone else has a success story with similar issue, please do share.


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