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I have been stress eating due to divorce and people around me taunting for my decision all the time. I realized that I put my health inline during this. I started working out from last year and went through some skin issues and had to take medication. I put on weight due to that. I moved back to a diet where it helps with weightloss and keeps me fit. I eat 5 times a day where 2 times is fruits. I have been insecure with my weight due to my mom’s continous comments. Lately my dad started doing that. He says, I thought you are on diet. Why do you keep on eating all the time. I think you are eating more than earlier. He says that it’s a joke. When I confront him on the same, he says I eat a lot and react a lot. I don’t think bodyshaming is a joke. Especially from your parents.

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It really hurts when parents say it.
Try to workout and instead of eating 5 times you can try reducing to 4 or 3 based on your appetite. You can try consuming more fruits than food that too would help.

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Its tough being going through divorce. I have been in a similar situation. I went on a reducing weight. Try to eat in moderation helps. Reduce it to2times with fruits although check with nutriotnist. Regarding parents, yes it can be tough. Dont think too much what they say, rather than what their intentions are. I am sure your father is proud of you. Do discuss with them openly regarding the concern. Take care.

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