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I have been so lonely lately… I moved to my city 8 years ago and have had friends come and go… people just move on with their lives and I have a hard time keeping in touch. My good friends who I keep in contact with live so far away and so does my family. I don’t have many people I am close with in my city. I am in a 5 year relationship that I am unsure of … I just feel sad a lot and wish I had people I was close to. My significant other would not understand or maybe I just feel ashamed … so sometimes I have no one to talk to …

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Aww, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough period. You can talk to me here if you feel like sharing anything. Maybe you can try talking to your s/o, maybe it isn’t as bad an idea as you think?


is your area in lockdown due to the virus? that certainly doesn’t help, and makes the loneliness worse


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