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I have been sick since a month. I’ve been going through mad stuff. The doctors are finding it hard to diagnose me, because the results of the tests we did are not matching. The first test said I had kidney stones while the second test mentioned that there aren’t any kidney stones at all.
I’m in a place of uncertainty, with confusion and doubt running through my mind while also battling intense pain. No pain killers are helping and I have been feeling low.

Today when we went to the doctor to clear our doubts and place a finger on what exactly is happening, he starts asking me if I really do feel the pain, if it really does exist. He asked me this question with dead seriousness, at least 3 times. And then he went on to say that my pain can be psychological. (I agree that our thoughts can cause us physical pain) but he then asked me questions that were outright hurtful. He asked me if I have a good appetite, if I sleep well, if I concentrate well, how my social skills are and if I maintain personal hygiene. I told him that my appetite is okay, my sleep isn’t that great, my concentration is good and so is my personal hygiene. About my social skills, my sister added that I am an introvert and do not mingle with relatives (while in reality I’m an extrovert who doesn’t get along with relatives for some personal reasons). He immediately answered that I’m a “psycho”
While some of these questions make sense, what hurt me is the way he was downplaying my pain. And went on to call me a psycho.

He also said that the pain I’ve been feeling can be a sign of cancer. It can be confirmed after further tests only, but I can’t get myself to stop thinking about the way he spoke. I’ve had doctors downplay my pain in the past and as a result of their attitude, I’ve suffered almost permanent consequences. I feel so disturbed and hurt and I just don’t know what to do 😣

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Hi, don’t feel so low.
I know it is hard to know about the disease.
But always remember one thing “Mind is the master of the body”
You really have to be happy and feel motivated.
If you wanna talk and discuss more I am with you.
Contact me on telegram @storynostalgia17
Just keep your hopes up, buddy.
I would be happy to help you.


Hey can you run by me what all things you are experiencing? im a final year medical student and i know im not any way closs to a doctor but i might kinda help. id atleast be able to tell where to go. If u are okay with sharing it, ill share some kind of contact info.


I got further tests done. A few blood tests and some urine tests along with an MRI.
Everything is normal and nothing seems to be amiss. Just not able to understand what’s happening when the pain is so intense and there is no answer😣


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