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I have been seeing a girl for 6 months and it’s been beautiful getting to know her, she’s the most beautiful person I know, she told me she’s never met anyone like me, I’m her favourite person and we just connect so well on every level. I noticed her creating some distance between us (during this time we were still intimate and everything seemed and felt the same when we were together) and eventually she came out with she cares for me, has feelings for me but isn’t ready for a serious relationship and just wants to try be friends - this is completely out of the blue and I’m not ready for a serious relationship either, I thought we were just getting to know each other and seeing how things go with a natural progression, but I feel heartbroken and I feel like I don’t understand why we can’t just continue with the way we were? What am I missing here? Does she not really have those feelings for me she said she did? Or is there something else going on?

She’s having a stressful time at the moment e.g. debt, working lots and her family don’t know that she is still interested in women, I just don’t understand why things have to end when I was never asking for anything more or putting pressure on anything more?

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