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I have been sad from very long time but it doesn’t stop now I am getting thoughts of self harm there are many things going in my life altogether I can’t fight anh longer

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SomeOneHopingFo... @howtoughcanitbe

Hey, it takes a lot to be able to express it here. You are doing yhe right thing. Am sure you must have been at your best on so many phases. This is a part pf phases. Let it go please , do what you like, we will do it, one thing at a time


Then I feel this phase isn’t ending from a long time I am tired now

SomeOneHopingFo... @howtoughcanitbe

Am sorry you feel that way, and i wish i could do something to make you feel better.

Sanaya Kohli @riti03

Hey hey hang in there buddy. It gets better. Remember when you are at your darkest there is only one way which is towards the light. Just think it cant get worse than this and this too will pass. You ll find a reason to live life and will be grateful that you didn’t give up. You are loved by your family and friends. And you deserve to live in this beautiful natural world create by God. Spend time in nature. Try to give time to yourself. And seek medical help if necessary. You are not alone in this.


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