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I have been preparing for the CA foundation june 2024 attempt. The first exam is on 20th June, of course, this week.
Today, I realized that I’m not prepared enough to crack the entrance. My preparation is like 40%.
Also, this is my 2nd attempt and I am super scared of getting failed.
So I made up my mind to skip this exam and start preparing for September 2024.
To get some motivation, I asked one of my colleagues if this decision of skipping exams is right or wrong.
He suggested I shouldn’t skip. But again, he thinks that I can do it but practically I know that the syllabus comes before confidence or any belief. And that is where I am lacking. I genuinely do not want to appear for the exams and continue my 40% preparation and take it to 80%. Then, appear with a big smile and crack the exam with a good score.
And I also have this fear of judgement kinda thing. He told me you have paid exam fees so you should give it a try. 🥲🥲

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Maar khaoge if u skip bol rhe hein aapko…we skip we fail …


Actually, I am feeling way better now. Thank you


My electronics teacher use to say me for my competitive exam ki its always “CHAOS BEFORE ORDER”.

If u dont face the worst u wont get the order to success if u analyse ur prev mistakes .

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Rahul R Nair @elite_gentx

It’s not about the exam fee. I would say, don’t skip the attempt. Tell your parents, I’m not prepared well, so don’t expect me to clear this time. But I will try.

I have skipped a lot of attempts thinking like I will study like hell in next attempt and score exemption in all, and it never happend. Its just a 3-4 day motivation, after that in next attempt too we will think like that.

what if ICAI have exams once in 2 years? We will go and write na irrespective of syllabus.

Go, write, gain experience. Its ok if you fail, rest, if lucky, 50% sullabus is enough to pass. Don’t skip an attempt. If clear, its good. If fails, you will get exam experience and writing practice…

I know, if a thought struck in mind like skip and get rank in next attempt, it will be difficult to change, but I would say, write exam and gain experience.

With CA exam experience, I complete my exams in 30 minutes and sleep in exam room without even studying, while others are struggling to write.Thats the power we are getting from an ICAI exam experience.


Are u a CA now? 😃


Hey as a ca inter student i can advice you on this
So first of all let me tell you I cleared my foundation by preparing in last 20 days only and trust me even though in case you are not able to clear the exams atleast you will get to know how the exams are conducted and which will definitely help you later also and trust me Don’t think about skipping the exams now just give your 100% now how much you can do and then see what happens


Question was - are u too working or just a student? You may not answer if you don’t want to.


rn I’m in ca inter just a student now and going to appear in jan 2025 for ca inter 1st attempt


One question! You said you’d prepared for the CA foundation in just 20 days, literally appreciative, that means you are from those topper categories, but I’m an average student. That’s why I got confused and scared of the situation.
Actually the main thing is - I am a full time working person and my boss, is the reason for quitting the exams. I don’t want to make a bad impression of myself in front of him.
He is a professional, kind, generous, and a wonderful person. Also, he’s a great leader. Ultimately, He’s my idol. He is both CA & CS along with other qualifications.
So when you sit around these kinds of people, you yourself feel, not to make any mistakes.


So the thing is first of all I’m not a topper but an above average student and actually what happened i took foundation so grantly during classes as well i did not studied much and finally at the end in 20 days i studied madly in exam time also the whole night i studied but also when i was taking classes we use to give test but that too i didn’t attended well and later on i studied for 1 month may be sincerely and after that nothing for straight 2 months and then got serious on last 20 days and cleared it


Truly inspiring. Since I am a full time working person i don’t get enough time to study. But as you said, I gotta know that 1 month smart prep is enough to clear foundation. I too will work more harder now.
Best of Luck girl/boy for your Jan attempt 😇.


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