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I have been on dating apps for a while and find it quite toxic.I had a few matches that were trying to move on and I was their unpaid therapist constantly trying to help them move on and get better. These girls treat me as their therapist and then ghost me.I don’t mind about that it’s their choice but this cycle kept on repeating and I’m shattered now. I’m usually attracted to people who are or have faced issues … I allow broken people in and try to fix their life and they treat me like trash and leave . Now I feel shattered and I don’t understand why I deserve it


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Anything good that you’ve done to anybody genuinely will comeback to you boy!


You are like me buddy…

It happens with me alot…

Ya people need someone to life them but left them when they are happy

Sometimes i feel it is good because no one do it for free everyone have some secret intension i saw lots of girl come relationship with person who help her to recover in hreat break but it relationship turn out toxic…

So be hubble help everyone who values you will stay with you and who don’t they are not good for you

So help everyone with feeling in want nothing in return you will stay happy whatever happens