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I have been in relationship with this boy for almost three years… after some months he wasn’t the same. He changed. He stopped caring, he stopped looking at me. When i told him these things he started getting annoyed. And when I wept, he got more annoyed… After 3 years I got some strength and finally decided to end it with him. I stopped talking. But then he sent me I miss you kind of messages and I couldn’t resist. Just everytime I tried leaving he’d get sad or i don’t know if he actually did. But seeing him sad always brought me back. he knew it. And once I was back… he was back to the same. I felt no love. No happiness . Only yearning. More and more. In the end i felt that it was impossible to stop talking to him, cuz i suffocate. And the next time he said i miss you, he got sad. I went to him… and I told him that I’ll be there but there should be only a casual relationship so that I don’t end up expecting anything from him… he was totally okay with it.
Today we talk less, I don’t wait for his call, receive when he calls. And i don’t stop him when he says bye…
But today, even after i have stopped him from doing so, he kissed me on video call. Although i pretended that i didn’t like it. And remained neutral. I did like it.
I felt again that he feels something for me

I waited for his call till night , he didn’t call… i controlled but i texted hey and did call in the end. He didn’t receive, and then after some time he sent a text hi.
I know it’s too much overreacting maybe but i was expecting a call back. So i said , good night I’m sleepy. He said good night. Then i again called in a bit, he picked up and he said i was gonna go to sleep as a taunt, i said maybe cuz i thought you’d call… in a fun way so that it isn’t awkward…
I waited for the same look in his eyes but he didn’t even looked at me . He kept doing something in the background. I agin said I’m sleepy and i said bye. So did he.
I know it isn’t that much big of a matter but since then I’m angry on myself for loosing my control. Maybe for thinking too much. And maybe for expecting that he would have wanted to talk to me cuz he kissed my face in the morning… but nothing , blank. I can’t help feeling angry even if it is too much. I cannot help it. How do i get over this guy… it’s a cycle which just keeps on going and never ends. Its driving me mad…

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Break contact completely., Cz ur the one suffering here… if you really mean something to him he’ll try his best to return and figure out a way to contact you… just break contact and try if does really care or just playing around and using you.


Hey dear ,
As you said he was your boyfriend but now things are not same.I shouldn’t tell you this but this is how human brain works when a person realizes that he or she is liked by someone a part of us also start liking the other.I think whenever you remember your old memories just say aloud i will think about this later.repeat this and in this way you will get rid of his memories and just minimalistic your conversations with him.and one thing stop excepting and eventually get rid of this toxic person. You are of more worth .choose right path and move ahead.this world is full of opportunities.:)


well personally i think your relationship is toxic af. so I’ll suggest you should breakup with him and focus on yourself. honestly you deserve better and maybe you’ll find someone better than this dude. so I’ll say breakup with him, block him on all social medias and move on. i hope my suggestion helps :(((


I’m soo sorry to tell you…he is not up to you girl,if your presence is annoying him then why are rolling back to him
As a boy I can confirm that If he really wants to spend Times with you, for god sake he will find a fuckin way to explore it,so stop acting soo depressed ask you innerself and take the motives bud.

Inspiring your character girl ❤️


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