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I have been in relationship with someone I didn’t make a video call it’s for 3months and they still didn’t come on video call. They say it like that’s where dirty stuffs starts. Like we will go for video sex chat. It’s wasn’t my intentions. I have waited to see her eyes. But Idk
But she sents me her pictures. She was so beautiful but Idk why she isn’t coming on video. And at somepoints. I have a thoughts like am I really talking with a girl whom I saw on pic which she sent me. Ofcourse anyone can get a thoughts like this na . I have controlled my urge to see her eyes. But she didn’t whenever I asks about a video call. She fights with me. Ignores and idk is this relationship or am I asking anything more from her. I literally said come for 10secs video call show me ur eye and leave. She said she don’t like it. Idk then I was drunk yesterday and asked so many questions. Fought with her literally. Bcz i couldnt I’m not saying this for mentioning it.but I bought her a mobile when she says her mobile isn’t working good. When my mobile sucks
Idk what is this. And we talk everyday from the morning to the night. If my friends calls me to go out. I no to em these days. Bcz she fight with me like she ain’t my priority. On Saturday I went for a lunch with my friends. And she got angry and asking me questions like where are you. Then I have to buy stuffs at night. And she says go and stay with ur friends. Idk what is this. Then she cries and says I’m not giving her my time.

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masculine_brat @masculine_...

Yeah it’s me bro. I forgot to switch it as profile. And yeah I’m getting it now. And nope I didn’t see her from this app. I met her on rave app.


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