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Anonymous @aby2491

I have been in a relationship for four years now. Neither of the parents agreed with us being together. Everything is finally settled. He’s in the armed forces. Most of our relationships has been a long distance one. Whenever he comes, he’s either stuck with stupid random errands. In such case, i start comparing him with my ex. He used to be so excited to spend time together, whenever he used to get back home. One or the other lame excuse keeps coming from him. Now i think if I’ve made the right decision. He’s two years younger to me and acts like he’s an elder. Not even an ounce of fun he has and is very uptight all the time. He was a different person when i met him and fell in love with. Now he’s someone, whom I’d never even talk with.
Don’t know what to do.

2 replies

Talk to him about this.

Cause nobody deserve to be in a relationship where u feel u’r falling out of love.

Yokshit Karda @yoku2345

So basically, that means you are putting more effort than him in this relationship and long distance also is a hard thing to do + your parents are also not agreeing and he was a different person at that time. So these are the things that you can’t change and if you can’t change anything simply just leave it 4 to 5 differences/difficulties/issues are in between you two. Leave him . Move on . That’s it and one more thing to mention somewhere you are also wrong. You said he’s 2 years younger but acts like 2 years elder maybe he’s doing it so that you don’t feel like dating someone younger and we don’t what his intention is . And in relationship age gap is just a small thing now it don’t matter much nowadays. Just move on and find the best person for you.


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