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I have been having sexual fantasies and desires towards my sisters and mom. How can I hint them or tell them about these feelings?

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Have you ever thought what is that thing which makes you feel this way towards your own Mother and Sisters?

Don’t directly jump on to telling them about your sexual fantasies. Start by asking how is their love life and if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend and if they don’t tell them about yours.
I can’t really say about your mom, but as far as your sisters are concerned, you should tell them in a manner that they don’t freak out rather understand that its’ a process and ask if they also feel in the same way. If they do, its best for both but if they don’t, you need to move ahead with time and find someone who would be compatible with you and trust in your feelings. Why? Because everyone wants someone in their life where both have an understanding and emotional connect between themselves.

I hope you get a direction and some clarity onto your feelings! :)


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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear ross,
I have felt this way about my third grade teacher. It sucks. Usually, this need for sex kicks in. It makes you so horny, and sometimes you look back on it shaking your head. I don’t know if that happens to everyone, but it happens to me monthly.

Anyway, if you tell your mom that you’re a little curious, she should understand.

Best of luck.

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