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I have been feeling very sad lately…back in 6th grade my depression was bad but it wasn’t that serious, now that the time has passed it has gotten worse, even if I try to tell myself I am alright…deep inside I know I am not. I have been very sad regularly and it doesn’t feel the same as it did in the past years. It feels heavier and painful, I can feel it’s getting stronger, it wasn’t this painful last year either. It feels like I can’t breathe sometimes, and It makes me cry way more easily, I don’t like to cry so I hold my tears back because now I have this stupid way of thinking that tells me it makes me weaker if I do cry, so I just don’t. I have been forgetting things very easily even if they were said to me not that long ago.

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Hey there…well, i don’t know what makes you feel sad but sometimes taking it out may help. i feel you need to vent it out because if you don’t take it out it gets accumulated like a garbage in our minds and hearts . so it’s imp to take it out …And you will be more stronger to express it . Share it with someone close to you that thing which has been in your heart for ages . you will feel a lot lighter . if you can’t share with someone known , i am there . you can share it with me and i will be more than happy to listen and help you . we can add each other on any social site you use . try sharing it . you won’t regret it .


that’s the thing I don’t know what makes me this sad. Sometimes it’s seeing other people happy with their friends that bring me down and sometimes into tears. Due to that is because I was a social butterfly in 5th grade but when I entered 6th everything went downhill, even now. I don’t know what specifically makes me sad, or I would just feel sad for no reason…and it’s just there.


it’s always some reason behind… try to look inside your feelings.

I have a similar story:
After class a friend always drives me home. One time he takes his sister with him and they were laughing and joking all the way. I get home and get crushed by feeling of sadness and loneliness and anxiety. It was such a terrible view into something I never had. Real connection with friends.

Let yourself cry when you are alone… don’t focus on being back a social butterfly, just let yourself open to create connection with a few people. Maybe they will not be the most popular people in class, but maybe you will manage to find something in common. Maybe somebody else is feeling just as lonely as you are in your class…

take care, hugs…


hey…having read your reply to my comment…i think it’s okeyy if you don’t know as of now what makes you sad but i am sure when you will look at the situations in which you have been sad you will get an idea of what exactly makes you feel like that . The way you portrayed one of your instances when you feel sad might be because of the reason that you don’t have much of good friends or friends in your life. And somewhere deep down you also want to experience all of those feeling…going out with friends and chilling …or else, there may be a bad experience associated with that in your life …I am sure if you will ponder over such instances you will know the reason and you will be able to overcome it . you have all the strength it takes to do anything like this . Believe in yourself and i am sure you will be able to do it …In case, you need help, i am always there …


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