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i have been feeling like shit tbh. everyone around me seems to be so creative and productive and accomplishing things and yet here i am. so it was announced today at the college that they’re going to conduct some 3-day programme with events, music, dance, quiz and what NOT. and I DON’T FEEL LIKE GOING?! the first thought that came into my mind is β€œI WANNA GO HOME” like at the meeting today i literally had panic attacks as they were discussing what everyone had to do that they it was like mandatory for active participation. idk what’s happening w me,?! at this age, i don’t have interest in such things like social gatherings and events like it’s very tiresome. i live far away from my home and i wanna go home so bad. i literally haven’t accomplished anything yet. i feel SO FCKING BAD, yaar :( i have so much trouble in facing things in day to day activities like i keep holding myself backwards…

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Heyy calm down bro. Don’t take pressure. Take a break. Even a mini kitkat break will work.
And try venting out to someone, if you are uncomfortable in talking to your friends, talk to someone over here. Or just write or doodle on a notebook or plain page


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